Hello there!

As it can be seen, we’ve rebranded Eronka to reflect our newfound passion, obsession and iteration for the year. What’s the meaning behind our new logo and brand image? Read on for enlightenment on the importance of brand persona and how the simple things make a significant difference.



Out With The Old

Our old logo represented us as a technical company. From a branding perspective, it was difficult to communicate to the greater community that we are more than just a company involved with technical development. Yes, we are indeed technical professionals and yes, we’re constantly in search for the latest technology but Eronka is so much more than that. We wanted to represent ourselves not just as technical professionals, but as passionate and dedicated individuals within a team- the “Ronkers” (the Challengers) , as we call ourselves.



In With The New

The aim of our new logo is to evoke a sense of personality. We moved from the technical to the people. We believe in transparency and truth. Using our wits, we have the desire to create these things in a clever yet simplistic manner. The new logo is organic, simple and clean.There is much importance that weighs upon a single logo. The logo of any company or brand has ways of translating more than language and more than words itself. It’s universal.

We focus on simplicity. It’s about delivering and communicating the idea, the innovation and the project in a truthful way. That’s who we are at Eronka.