The last year has certainly been a memorable one, full of exciting experiences and motivating moments. The world didn’t end and nor did we. We can’t thank you enough for your continuous support for Eronka- it truly means alot to us.


So allow me to introduce myself! My name is Leonie Sii and I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to join the Ronkers as part of their online communication team. The journey which I have roamed thus far with Eronka has definitely been an experience of all-sorts. It’s been a journey of self-discovery within a team culture that is passionate and dedicated to the meaning and heart of ‘Eronka’: challenge. Indeed, the past few months have been a challenge, but the sensational feeling of overcoming a challenge and achieving accomplishment is what spurs the team and myself forward.


So take a seat, make yourself comfortable and let’s prepare to begin the new chapter of our captivating story here at Eronka, where ideas cross the creative and the creative flourishes in to possibilities.



So how and where did it all begin?


Eronka started out in 2010 with a group of individuals who had the burning desire to build a new advertising platform. Along the way, we have recruited members to form a team riddled with various skill and resources- and what better way to utilise those skills and resources than to form a creative digital agency? Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest brands in the industry like Sharp Australia, St. George Bank and BT Super- just to name a few.


We pride ourselves on developing high-end applications for the latest technologies on the web and for mobile devices. We know our codes in-and-out and our design strats back-to-front. Web development using HTML5, iPhone iOS applications, Android applications- throw them at us and throw us more. We’ll do it, quality assured.


But we’re not simply just about creating a masterpiece of a website or mobile application. We’re about communicating, turning ideas and thoughts into visual representations. We’re more than zombies staring at the screen, churning out one line of code after another. We’re passionate individuals here to implement positive change, no matter how big or small. We’re not only producers, we’re consumers too. That’s what makes us passionate about what we do here at Eronka.


Above all else, we love a challenge. That’s how Eronka came to be. In the Basque language, Eronka means challenge. The process of challenges is what makes us or breaks us. It’s the strive to overcome a challenge that makes the results fulfilling.


So what’s in store for 2013, what are our challenges and how are we making the most out of our skills and resources?





The beginning of a new year comes with new goals, new strategies and a new outlook. The team at Eronka have worked tirelessly on the rebranding to reflect our passion, obsession and iteration- and that’s the slogan which we’re working and living by this year.


Passion > Obsession > Iteration.


At the heart of Eronka is our passion- our passion to develop and create ideas that can change and impact society with utmost positivity. We’re here to make a difference, no matter how big or small. It’s our passion that drives our work to develop a masterpiece that will effect change from the digital world to reality.



Passion is when I am doing something that matters to me.
- Leonard Sii, Co-Founder & Online/Offline Strategist @ Eronka

But passion alone will lead us nowhere. It’s our obsession that gives us the hunger to get things done. It’s the obsession of creating perfection- both in aesthetics and functionality. It’s the obsession that we have for the industry, seeking technological efficiency in our day-to-day lives.

Every pixel matters. When you treat them with love and care it becomes an obsession to aim for perfection.
- Leonard Sii, Co-Founder & Online/Offline Strategist @ Eronka

Iteration. The process of repetition, as only through iteration are we able to achieve results of perfection.


Those are the 3 keywords by which Eronka will work.


It’s the beginning of new things to come at Eronka. I’m personally incredibly excited about the projects that we’ve taken under our wing and I can;t wait to share them with you.


On behalf of the entire team at Eronka, thank you.

This is Leonie,
Happy Ronking!