With the rise in prominence in the need of environmentally sustainable energy sources, the solar division of LG engaged Eronka to help make their solar distributors and installers more accessible to both their current and potential customers. Our challenge was to create a new solution to ensure that customers can experience the benefits of LG solar and have immediate access to recognized LG solar dealers in their area.



We created a community based platform that not only indexed the entire LG solar dealer network, but also implemented features that engaged customers in understanding the benefits of LG solar services. These services included detailed and easy-to-use calculation tools that helped users understand their own electrical consumptions and solar needs.

Solar panel systems are a big investment for any household or business, but by using the calculation tools we’ve created, customers are able to see the benefits of their investment in the long-run.


Eronka prides itself on helping their clients get ahead of the curve. This means finding new and innovative ways to help them succeed. While other creative agencies ask, “why?” Eronka shrugs and retors, “why not?!” In working with LG, we will continue to find viable solutions to help drive their brand further. It’s more than just business at Eronka- it’s also a solar panel full of energetic passion!

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