In the midst of heightened political propaganda, it’s difficult to get the right message across particularly at a time when elections are drawing near. That is why it is a necessity to use the right tools and mediums to communicate with citizens and users. The power of technology to empower political movements and create interwoven networks is a tool and medium which provides accessibility and communication in an effective and efficient way. We had the privilege of working with the New South Wales’ Liberal Party to revamp, design and create their new, interactive and user-friendly government website.


We began with a new approach, a new look and a new way of user interaction by heightening responsiveness and making it customizable for each individual member. It is the first political government website that has adapted to a contemporaryinterface design. The home page provides a clear message of the political party and what it stands for, allowing users to easily navigate the website and to seek and retrieve information that they need.


The succinct ‘call-to-action’ interface engages the user in their political journey, whether they are looking to learn more about the party or seeking to show their support. The new interface is customizable for the content manager, allowing easy changes to colours and designs. We created an efficient and effective web environment so that our clients are able to communicate successfully with their audience and users. The website is secure, providing safety of users personal information which is critical to the development of a government website.


check out the website: