When electronics company Sharp Australia approached us at Eronka with a challenge, we were more than eager to get to work. The challenge? To find an alternative solution in marketing their new product: The Sharp Slow Juicer. It was not an easy feat, with the Sharp Slow Juicer having no previous market exposure and faced with fierce competition in the land of slow juicing. But we’re one for the underdogs and our team embraced the challenge and pulled out all stops to make the Sharp Slow Juicer a worthy competitor.


We developed a dynamic new internet campaign to connect Sharp Australia with their customers. Utilising popular social mediums such as YouTube, we were able to assist in driving the sales of the Sharp Slow Juicer. Rather than filming and creating a video worthy of a snoozefest, we decided to add a bit of fun and quirk to the mix whilst keeping it entirely informative, birthing the SHARP JUICER CHALLENGE where audiences can see the juicer in action!


Check out their youtube page

We also employed other marketing strategies such as creating a promotional video, campaigning through newsletters and providing effective Google Adword campaign. All these strategies together with a freshly custom designed website assisted in delivering positive results. Not only that, but we’ve created a B2C solution in the form of an e-commerce site to position their brand in a new medium that their competitors have never done before.

At Eronka, pushing the envelope is a day by day affair. We’re continuing to find and implement fresh and innovative solutions to meet Sharp Australia’s needs. It’s more than just business at Eronka- it’s also a jug-full of passion!

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