So what’s stopping us from achieving our goals? Everyone has a goal in life, but many fail to take the time to dissect it into small achievable tasks. We also know that psychologists say your fear is the greatest motivator of all. 
Taking that into consideration, we decided to merge the concepts and build an application that can direct our focus and reprogram our perception towards time.


The application is comprised of 4 sections:

1- The countdown timer: based on the life expectancy of each nation and your date of birth the system initiates a countdown for your profile. This serves as a wake-up call for users who are used to looking at time passing by. By being constantly reminded that your time is limited, the system helps you keep on track with things that matter: “my life” and “my legacy”.


2- My life is about my personal goals and the things I would like to achieve in a life time. In order to do that, I have a personal “to-do” section that will help me take small steps towards achieving my goals by dissecting the goal into small digestible milestones that I can easily execute on a daily basis and effortlessly develop good personal habits.


3- My legacy is about my professional life and ambitions. Everyone likes to do good and help others but often these goals seem far out of reach. The first step is to write it down in the professional goals and the second part is to follow it up with a series of small and achievable to do lists.


4- The scoreboard and daily quotes are designed to keep you in check and motivated every step of the way. This active support network will help to ensure your life goals and to do lists are in line with your purpose in life.


We developed this application for ourselves to turn task management into a habitual exercise rather than a trip down the guilt lane. We decided to make it publicly available so that others could join the journey and enjoy the rewards of life.


Our legacy is to donate $10k AUD in 2013 to children with cancer in Iran.  Recently they have been severely affected due to sanctions and currency inflation. These kids and families don’t have sufficient access to general health and medication. While the aznoe web application is free, the mobile apps are been sold for a $2. We promise to allocate the first $10k collected by the aznoe project to Mahak Charity. Anything above that will be used to further improve the application for users.


Now what goal are you trying to accomplish in 2013? let aznoe help you get there…

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